Promote the humanity spirit and develop the moral integrity education
We hold an attitude of culture, foresight, providence and modern and the thought of "Everything is for student and teaching is superior to everything" to build a campus learning environment comprising of culture, humanity and modernization to cultivate the students for knowledge, emotion and techinics.

We not only expect the students to pass the entrance exam for university, but also emphasize more on the life education and the five dimension education as well as keeping the thought of "repect, gratitude, faith and ambition". The students are required to be equipped with the following skills before graduation in order to adapt the life of 21st century: computer skill, 2nd foreign language, an musical instrument, swimming of 25 meters and a ball game.
The buildings and facilities
One of our characteristics is the buildings in the campus, the brief introductions of a few scenic spots are shown below:
The Administratioin Building, the first building seen when entering the main gate
The western style central gardenof originality. With the flourishing flowers and plants, one may be obsessed and forget everything.
The left picture: The door of dancing (Ching Chih, Kuo) - The sculpure made of stainless steel and granite that opens the gate of hope and welcomes the beautiful life
The right pircture: Flying
The glitter of shaping jade (Bon Hsiung, Chu) - a ceramic wall decoration symbolizes the gathering of the students and teaching from all over the world, carving earth to gold and shaping jade to utensil.
This wall decoration locates in the side wall of the corridor of the administration center, cultivating the students for artistic sense during their daily passing
The gym under a setting sun and the swimming pool in a bright sunny day
The big classroom with corridors in the front and back, providing sufficient activity space.
A computer and two televisions were equipped in each big classroom and are integrated with the campus network and broadcast system.
The adjustable table and chair and the locker are alloted for each student
The hand washing stand and the cleaning tool cabinet locate in the back corridor.
The astronomy hall, laboratory and the classroom for household management
Languange classroom, video classroom
Left: The creations of Mr. Chen Ming In can be seen everywhere in the campus
Middle: The chairs for rest locate in the classroom corridors of each floor (in-use)
Right: The view of the professional training building from the bottom of the courtyard
Teaching and learning
The intelligentized campus that combines the following five management systems into one: security monitor system, ADSL network system, network teaching system, addressible broadcast system and electronic voice telephone system.

We teach students in accordance with their aptitude by diversified teaching method. There are language-talented class, mathematics and physics talented class, music class and physical training class in the school. We apply semester credit rule to cultivate the students for active learning and the building of thinking ability

The humanistic teaching - students are the leading roles: Group the studernt according to the subject learning ability and hold a remedy lesson for each subject of mathematics and physics field.

Complete teaching planning and continuous growth: the 3-year course program planning, the diversified teaching material instruction, building the student-centred teaching mode and implementing the continuous growth of the teaching and research.
Left: The teaching in the physics laboratory
Right: The cook with national heritage grade came to instruct the teachers about cooking
Left: The teaching is proceeding in the classroom and the team discussion and reporting is ongoing.
Right: The teaching of CPR
Competition and progression
While the human life is like a long marathon, the senior high school period is just like a marvelous 400-meter track competition
The aboundant and diversified learning is just ahead. Stick on the target and go for it.
Go!Go! I want to prevail myself and win in my competition.

Left: The science projects of the school are under grading.
Right: The music-talented class is performing in the National Concert Hall
Strength and beauty
Each blue clover, marked with love, faith and perseverence, is showing the strength and beauty of SCSH
The respect, open and free learning atmosphere that are exclusive for SCSH, making the student full of power health and energy
The growth camp for the 1st year freshman are camping in the school
Left: the carnival is the grand occasion of each year.
Right: the cheer squad competition of the 1st year freshman is also a highlight
The flag-lowering ceremony in front of the presidential palace and the performance of orchestra, honor guard and flag squad
The inter-class basketball game and the relay race in the athletic meet
Love and renewal
The student counselling:
"Assist the good to be the best"
Integrate the "life education" into the teaching
Implement the equality of sex
Career counselling, stand on the ground for the dream
Attained the excellence performance of the integratn of instruction, training and counselling
The life education class and the teacher-parent metting
The group counsel room
Reading and delight
The most cozy reading space filled with the scent of book
The most warm and fragrant project discussion room
The most humanistic reading space
The space full of artistic feeling
Other characteristics and activities
The introduction lesson for the 1st year freshman to know how to use the libarary
Promotion of the class (internet) study group
The article solicitation and the answer solicitation with prizes
Various art exhibition (air-flight, block print, ancient article, travel, ink painting, penmanship, military puppet, folk custom shaping and modeling
Book donation, book exhibition
The exhibition for 921 earthquake event review
The editing and printing of the libarary information
Wireless internet
Digitalized libarary
Head toward the life of SCSH
Life is education. To cultivate a new age youth with moral integrity is the objective of our schooling
Loving life and making it shine are what being pursued by our students
A new age school, culture, modernization and humanization are the index of SCSH.
Watch me shine tomorrow. The life in SCSH is our common declaration.